We take this opportunity to clarify some of the rules of canoe slalom. If you have any questions then please let us know, because other people may have the same question. We'll post the answers on here too.


Your Score for each run is simply the time you take to complete the course. Penalty time is added on for touching or 'missing' gates.

Touching a gate

2 second penalty. Once you have touched a gate with any part of your body or equipment you can keep touching it again and only receive the 2s penalty once. However the the 2 second penalty is increased to 50s if you miss the gate completely.

Missing a gate

You are deemed to have missed the gate if

This is a summary of the main points, but full rules are available here on the ICF website.


Competitors can use any river-worthy closed cockpit canoe or kayak in the appropriate category of competition. In addition to the kayak, every paddler must have a paddle, CE marked helmet and buoyancy aid. It is the club captains' responsibility to ensure all boats are river-worthy and all helmets, buoyancy aids and other equipment is suitable for the paddler, course and time of year. A numbered race bib will be provided.

Whistling off

In the event that a competitor is caught up by the competitor following them, the gate judge will blow a whistle and shout out the number of the slower competitor. The slower competitor must immediately move out of the racing line and allow the faster competitor to pass before continuing. (Note: This does not apply if the followin person is just missing all the gates!).


If a competitor capsizes and exits their boat, they MAY NOT continue their run, even if they 'self-rescue'. They must leave the course at the earliest opportunity.

If you have any other questions regarding rules please let us know.

Team Eligibility

There are TWO categories of teams: Open Teams (Mens) and Mixed Teams.

In addition: Competitors may only enter each class of Team once
and if entering both the Open and the Mixed Team must paddle a different boat class in each case

Student Eligibility

All competitors must satisfy the BUCS eligibility critera (more details can be found at In addition, all competitors must be able to present a valid Student Identity Card at Registration on request.

BUCS Points

The BUCS points for the Slalom are worked out for the individual categories:

1st 12
2nd 8
3rd 6
4th 4

And for the team categories:

1st 20
2nd 14
3rd 10
4th 7
5th 5
6th 3
7th 2
8th 1

The BUCS points awarded for overall university are calcualted on the same scale as for team categories above.

Overall University Placings

The way the Overall University points are worked out is as follows:

100 points are divided by all competitors who start the race, however those who don't finish their run receive 0 points. For example, 10 people start and only 8 finish in a particular category, they are awarded points as follows:

1st 100
2nd 90
3rd 80
4th 70
5th 60
6th 40
7th 30
8th 20
=9th 0 (DNF)
=9th 0 (DNF)

These scores are doubled for team categories.

The 5 highest points scoring individuals from a University all contribute their full points to their overall university score. In addition the 2 highest scoring teams contribute their full points. All other competitors and team contribute the points of the last placed finisher in that class. So in the case of the class above that would be 20 points.

The total score is used to calculate the overall university positions.


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